What is an NCS?

A Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) is an individual who has great experience and specialized training in newborn care. An NCS comes into the home shortly after baby is born to care for the baby and educate the parents on best practices in newborn care. It is expected that an NCS be knowledgeable in a variety of methods pertaining to soothing, parenting, newborn well-being, abnormalities/sickness, and sleep conditioning (not to be confused with cry-it-out).

What are the scope of responsibilities an NCS covers?

The scope of an NCS includes care of the newborn, support and education for the parents. The NCS may oversee the cleanliness of the nursery, keep it stocked, and do baby’s laundry. Throughout the shift, the NCS will keep a log of feeds, diaper changes, medications, etc. If bottles, feeding devices, or pump parts are used, the NCS will wash them and prep bottles at the beginning of the shift. If the baby has medications or supplements, with signed permission from the parents, the NCS will administer baby’s medication at the appropriate time. I could make a long list of what an NCS may do for a family! In general, an NCS tries to be helpful as possible in many aspects of newborn care and parent education. An NCS can inform parents of signs and symptoms that are worrisome, refer the parents to their health care provider or another professional, but the NCS cannot make a diagnosis of any medical condition nor can they prescribe any mode of treatment.

What are the benefits of hiring an NCS?

Peace of mind knowing that your little one is receiving excellent care and that you are learning how to create a safe environment for your little one is one of the main reasons that a family might choose to hire an NCS. Having a non-judgmental care provider who is eager to help you become the parent you want to be in invaluable! If you need rest or want some time to leave the house for a while, parents can rest easy knowing NCS will care for the baby and go about her “chores” independently. One of the greatest benefits is the NCS giving the gift of sleep to parents and their baby! An NCS is knowledgeable of different sleep conditioning methods, and are skilled in gently encouraging (healthy) babies to sleep long stretches, and more often, sleeping 10-12 hours per night around 12-16 weeks of age. Whether you are a first-time parent, or a third time parent, having an NCS will take a load of stress out of acclimating to life in the 4th trimester, in addition to lowering the risk of postpartum depression.

What is your best piece of advice for a newborn Mom?

In the midst of falling in love with your newborn every time you look at his or her precious face, remember to nourish your body. Eat! Even if it’s just a handful of whatever is easiest to grab from the fridge or pantry. Hydrate! It is so important to stay hydrated after birth, especially for those who are nursing. Rest when you can. This one is the hardest because babies often sleep in small increments for weeks before you see longer stretches. Sometimes the best you can do is snuggle and adore your baby while laying in bed. Do what you can.

When should I reserve my newborn care service?

ASAP – right after you visit your Doctor and have a due date. NCS are now in great demand, especially if they come highly recommended (as Alana). Normally Alana is booked 6-8 months in advance.

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