Healthy Sleep Habits for Babies

1. Make sure your baby is not hungry when you put him to bed.
2. Place your child in bed when he is sleepy but not yet asleep to fall asleep on his own.
3. Remember to always place your child on hid back when putting him to bed.
4. Have a night time routine and a regular sleep schedule.
Set a bedtime for your child. Be sure to stick with the time you selected. By putting your baby to bed the same time nightly. The routine should include; feeding, bath, bedtime story or in some instances bath, feeding and bedtime story etc.
5. Do not let your child nap for too long or too late in the day. Try to limit naps to no more than three hours. Make sure that there is atlas one hour up time which includes feeding, burping, digesting and playing/tummy time.
6. Consider offering a pacifier at nap time & bedtime (with limits). If your baby breastfeeding wait until after breastfeeding is well established before offering a pacifier. Using a pacifier may reduce the risk of SIDS.

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