Lactation Consultation

Our Certified Lactation Consultants (CLC) can educate you about the multiple benefits of breastfeeding or pumping breast milk for your baby. They can also work with you and your baby on breastfeeding positions and proper latch technique and address any breastfeeding challenges you may face. Even if there are no present issues breastfeeding can be challenging.

We want to understand your personal breastfeeding goals. will work with you to create and review a personalized pumping schedule to maximize your milk production for your child and achieve breastfeeding success.

This service can be booked in conjunction with other packages or as a one on one services at your home.

Sleeping Beauties Newborn Care Agency members are trained by CAPPA, Newborn Care Solutions and other Organizations.


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 Sleeping Beauties Newborn Care Agency LLC officially started May 2016 but Alana have been a Certified Newborn Care Specialist / Baby Nurse for many years.

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