Newborn Care formerly known as Baby Nurse Services

24 Hours Care

Your Newborn Care Specialist NCS (formerly known as a Baby Nurse) would provide a seamless transition into life with your new baby by offering twenty four hours of care daytime combined with nighttime or days only or nights only.  This service can be booked from a minimum of two weeks up to six months. In some instances, we may be able to accommodate less than two weeks for twenty hours care. Please let us know what your requirements are and we will try our very best to match you with the best NCS to suit your family needs.

Overnight Care & Days Only Care

Days or  nights care are booked from a minimum of twelve hours per day and a minimum of one day up to three months. The dynamic between us and our clients is crucial but so is our love and passion working with infants and families. Your Newborn Care Specialist will implement healthy sleep habits and tend to all of your baby’s needs; feeding, burping, diapering and assisting you with pumping, sterilizing the baby’s bottles, storing the milk while you get back to bed. Rest is a requirement for a new parent; it will help you give your best to your baby and other responsibilities during the day.

Multitudes, Singletons, Preterm, Colicky and Reflux Newborn

This could definitely be a trying time in any new Parents life. Our trained and experienced Newborn Care Specialist can assist you in the management of twins, triplets, babies with reflux or colic using proper techniques to troubleshoot potential issues of concern.

Your Newborn Care Specialist (formerly referred to as a Baby Nurse) we will meet all your baby’s needs which includes the following and any other household needs related to the baby:

  • Circumcision aftercare
  • Umbilical care
  • Improve sleep / Sleep training
  • Scheduling
  • Massaging
  • Structured playtime e.g tummy time, story time etc.
  • Nursery organization
  • Apnea monitoring
  • Sponge/Full baths
  • Laundering clothes
  • Lactation/Breastfeeding support and assistance; packing, labelling and storing breastmilk
  • Bottle feeding and preparation
  • Diapering
  • Sterilizing bottles, pacifiers and pump parts
  • Keeping the nursery stocked and organized
  • Maintaining a thorough log
  • Swaddling techniques

We also take special care of our Parents by teaching them how to be equipped after service has ended. Mothers who are breastfeeding we encourage good practices to increase the flow of breastmilk for instance; drinking a lot of water, making them lactating teas, reminding them to take any vitamins advised by their Doctor etc. Fathers we always keep your bonding time in mind; by introducing skin to skin, massages etc with your new baby.

In light of the present pandemic or in an absolute emergency a tailored virtual service can be your option.

We encourage families to begin their search for a newborn care specialist in the 1st  trimester of pregnancy. However, we are willing to accommodate any family, even if the baby has arrived home and/or 6 weeks have passed. At Sleeping Beauties Newborn Care Agency our aim is to provide a comprehensive newborn care service.

Sleeping Beauties Newborn Care Agency team are trained by CAPPA, Newborn Care Solutions and other Organizations.


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 Sleeping Beauties Newborn Care Agency LLC officially started May 2016 but Alana have been a Certified Newborn Care Specialist / Baby Nurse for many years.

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