Jessica J.

Being a FTM was daunting. The fears of if I was doing anything right frustrated me to say the least- I was obviously going through PPD. I had absolutely no idea what a baby nurse was or did therefore I didn’t hirer one; until my friend saw me looking sleep deprived and asked if I needed a contact number for her Baby Nurse which she LOVED. I believe she referred Alana to over 15 of her friends and family . After a week I called Alana and although she was booked for the year she made it happen. Absolutely NO words can describe how Alana controlled and organized everything. The baby’s nursery, closet, drawers, sterilized baby bottles and pump stuff, the belly button, baby massage, baths, tummy time; helped with my milk production and made sure my baby didn’t get a “flat head”. My baby was not latching at first and Alana was very knowledgeable on the reasons why. I was ready to give up on breast feeding and pumping but the support I got from her was very encouraging. I started off pumping 1.5 ounces of milk sometimes I got none but by the time Alana left my milk supply was in fully. I would pump 11 ounces. She would make me a pot of mummy tea every morning and strategically gave me my vitamins even when I would forget. My baby is now 9 months and my freezer is stacked with milk for rainy days or when I decide to stop. Alana put the excess milk in storage bags and organized them by days and months. What amazed me most was how my baby was sleeping 8 hours at only a couple of weeks and past his birth weight in only 2 days. Mummies you NEED Alana she is what I would describe a Wonder Woman. Beside all of this Alana also helped even after she left by taking the time to reply to my many questions. Because of her we are considering baby number 2 soon and we are hoping she’s free for that time. We love you Alana xoxoxo

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 Sleeping Beauties Newborn Care Agency LLC officially started May 2016 but Alana have been a Certified Newborn Care Specialist / Baby Nurse for many years.

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